Data Analysis & Reporting

Measurable results make measurable differences, especially in today's environment.  An increased understanding of motivations, tastes, and preferences are essential in targeting the right donors with the right segmented message.  The most successful organizations get ahead of the curve in refining their targeting, brand message, and integrated communications campaigns.

At Targeted Insights, research and analytics is an integral part of our Emotive Targeted Response  marketing model:

  • Survey Research
  • Audience Segmentation Research
  • Messaging Research
  • Response Model Development
  • File Health Assessments

Contact Us today to see how your organization can use Targeted Insights to provide actionable results that help find unique market opportunities, innovative strategic options, and impactful tactical results to systematically meet your organization's marketing goals.

Upcoming Events

NAD Planned Giving & Trust Services Conference 2013 (Orlando, FL)

  • General Session: Ministry of Marketing (Wednesday, August 7th)
  • Nonprofit Marketing Bootcamp Seminar (Wednesday, August 7th)
  • Social Media Marketing Essentials Seminar (Wednesday, August 7th)