Marketing Consulting Services

Targeted Insights provides nonprofit organizations and small businesses the same level of strategic planning, marketing, research, and program execution provided to America’s leading Advertising Agencies, Fortune 500 companies, and nonprofit organizations. Through our Emotive Targeted Response  marketing model, we systematically combine research, brand strategy, and direct response into a tightly defined bundle of Targeted Insights to optimize your marketing and communications programs to:

  • Create Unique Brand Platforms
  • Differentiate Your Organization
  • Craft Segmented Messages That Resonate
  • Target Messages Through Sophisticated Data Modeling
  • Design & Implement Customized Primary Research Studies

Contact Us today to see how Targeted Insights and its Branded Direct Response marketing model could begin to free you and your staff to focus more fully on attaining your mission and primary organizational objectives.

Upcoming Events

NAD Planned Giving & Trust Services Conference 2013 (Orlando, FL)

  • General Session: Ministry of Marketing (Wednesday, August 7th)
  • Nonprofit Marketing Bootcamp Seminar (Wednesday, August 7th)
  • Social Media Marketing Essentials Seminar (Wednesday, August 7th)